Hi, just want confirmation that when I listen to a track on Roon for Qobuz, the play is registered to pay the artist correctly

Hi there, I’m not saying that Roon does not register the play to Qobuz but I think I recall there was a time when that happened. I might be totally wrong but I’d like to know from the Qobuz team themselves that if I were to play an artist’s track, they are getting paid for it (albeit it being just cents). Just wanna be sure and feel like Santa Claus xD

Thank you.

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Qobuz is a legal music service from France that pays its artists better per play than many other services. However, it is still very small and is only now expanding to other countries. Especially friends of classical music and jazz love this niche and the high sound quality, the booklets as PDF and the better metadata maintenance.


It’s a fair question, however, should you not be asking Qobuz rather than Roon?


Qobuz will not play streams unless you have a Qobuz account to authenticate with. That’s why we require you to login to Qobuz to get access to Qobuz streams. While Qobuz delivers us data dumps daily and we have a strong working relationship with them, playback is done via your own account.

You will need to talk to Qobuz about that. My guess is that they do not directly pay artists, but instead pay the various music labels a large proportion of your monthly fee, and also provide them with a report of what was played. Those labels then pay the artists.

Just to reiterate this point, as I’ve said before: Roon Labs gets no portion of the fee you pay to Qobuz or TIDAL.

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Wow thank you to all for answering my question from all direction. I apologise for not being clearer. I was mostly just wondering if data gets sent back to Qobuz that we’re playing their track and from there Qobuz will then pay the label or artists accordingly. I was asking this because I was able to stream many times on Roon while if I’m not wrong that is not allowed on Qobuz (I do not have verification for this), so I actually thought that data only flows from Qobuz to Roon and nothing gets send back meaning if I play a song, Qobuz will be earning all the money because I paid for their monthly subscription, but they do not need to pay the artists because they have no evidence that I have played the song even though I did on Roon but not on Qobuz. However based on the really clear replies you guys have provided, I now understand that the artists will get a cut as my plays on Roon are registered to Qobuz. And if I’m not wrong the artists earn a cut of the payment based on how often we stream their music.

Thank you, you’re the perfect person to answer this, as with everyone else.