Hi res/def music to multiple zones

Recently installed ROON server software on my PC in my main listening room. Its connected to my Bryston DAC via USB. I am also interested in listening to hi def/hi res (192K, DSD, etc.) in my den. Would I need another ROON server in my den running the same configuration as my listening room ROON server (to access the same music stored on my NAS)?
I was trying to look at using zones, but the den DAC is not networked. I was thinking of using my Bluesound Node 2 (as an end device for the ROON server), but don’t see this as an option.

Hi Ian,

Here’s a link to a good description of how the Roon architecture works:


In short, no you won’t need a separate core but you will need a networked device that supports roon in your den to connect to your existing DAC. This can be as simple as installing Roon (as a remote) on the computer in your den and connecting it to your DAC via USB. Other options include any number of “RoonReady” devices that act as a bridge between your network and your DAC.

Bluesound support is in the works, but hasn’t been released yet.

Thanks Andrew. This clarifies my questions about using Roon (as a remote) on a computer in my den and connected directly to my DAC.