Hi Res download from Qobuz only shown as 44.1kHz in DAC

All my Hi Res downloads from Qobuz are only shown in 44.1kHz in my DAC… only happens with Qobuz downloads… any explanation? The files are shown as FLAC 44.1kHz 24bit,FLAC 88.2kHz 24bit under available versions in Roon… when I play the MQA version shown as FLAC 44.1kHz 24bit, MQA 88.2kHz I get the high resolution (88.2kHz) displayed… ???

What is your DAC plugged into now?

Still same (running from Auralic Aries LE to McIntosh)… not made a final decision on which upgrade to go for… still testing. I know about your findings towards the McIntosh integrated DAC - but it`s strange that the issue only pops up with the Qobuz download… downloaded other albums from hdtracks and all is fine…

A non MQA 24 bit file is ‘high res’, even if it is only 44.1k.

Ah… okay, thanx - that`s useful to know… :+1:

… still strange that

FLAC 88.2kHz 24bit

is only shown as 44.1 kHz


MQA 88.2kHz

is shown as 88.2 kHz though… ???

Is Roon DSPing enabled? Can you post a screen grab of your Roon signal path for both scenarios.

Will do/check tomorrow - it‘s late this side of the atlantic :wink:


…here`s one example:

files as saved:

when playing FLAC and only 44.1kHz is displayed in DAC:

when playing MQA and 88.2 kHz is displayed in DAC:

First 2 are Qobuz Hi Res downloads (ALAC and FLAC), third is Tidal MQA… I have this issue with ALL Qobuz downloads… but not when I play Hi Res downloads from HD Tracks 4 example…

Those albums are listed as a mix of 44.1 and 88.2. When the source file is 44.1 that’s what it plays.

… wow - so Qobuz sells these as Hi Res but they are not really… or am I misunderstanding things here?

I think 24 bit is the Qobuz hi-res indicator not sample rate. Same with other providers.

Ah - so it’s Hi Res even though it only shows 44.1 kHz?

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