Hi-res indicator on signal path map

It would be nice if a 24 bit file/stream or greater could trigger a different colored indicator on the signal path readout. Maybe green for hi-res lossless, and red for hi res enhanced, and maybe even something else for MQA. I find myself clicking on the signal path to figure out what I am listening to quite often.

In principle I agree that this would be good for some power users but maybe not for all. I’m thinking about a configuration tool that lets each user decide how many colors / disctinctions should be seen above the standard colors Roon provides already.

Surely you don’t need an indicator as one can immediately tell one is listening to High Res - otherwise what is the point of it?
(This was intended to be a lighthearted response - just on case the winking emoji wasn’t enough of a clue)


My suggestions would be, stop listening to file formats, start listing to music. It is much more fun and relaxing to click on the now playing screen to find out what you are listening to, as clicking on the signal path.


Trying to remember which color of the rainbow correlates to a particular resolution and bit-depth would get tiresome. Maybe just differentiate between lossless, e.g. FLAC / WAV / AIFF and lossy, e.g. MP3 / AAC / MQA :clown_face:

I’ll bite on both comments since my suggestion seems pretty straight forward.

Yes, you have proven you are an evolved audiophile. Then lets create another suggestion to simply take away the entire signal path indicator. Why not completely relax? Or maybe we should turn our screens off and listen with the lights out?


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If you own a Chord Mojo DAC, you will know for certain what a complete pain this is. It simply doesn’t work. Just listening to the music and not bothering what colour it is is more entertaining.

What are the existing lights, just Low Quality (lossy) and High Quality (lossless)?

Four lights at the moment; Yellow (Low Quality), Green (High Quality), Purple (Lossless) and Bright Blue (Enhanced) as set out here.

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Also, red is used to indicate DSP clipping. To me, this one is really important.