Hi-Res library files don't show up under Versions: Problem not solved

You marked the post “solved” before I had a chance to respond. Your comments are only partly helpful. Yes, I understand that small differences in metadata are why Roon doesn’t group versions of the same album together. But your solution isn’t workable because it presumes that you have all the versions of the album as “favorites” or in your library. But I don’t – I have the hi-res version I purchased as a download in my library; the other versions are available from Tidal and Qobuz, but I haven’t put them in my library (why would I?). So your advice to go into Album edit and “Group Alternates” doesn’t work.

What I have found is that many of my purchased hi-res files in my library are marked “unindentified.” If I click on unidentified and I’m able to have Roon identify the album, then it will show up under Versions. Identifying the album usually means selecting a version with almost identical metadata, except the timings of particular movements are different.

But there are a slew of albums – notably, Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic that were remastered at 192 Hz 24 bit, and George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra, remastered at 192 Hz 24 bit, that Roon metadata services know nothing about. Paradoxically, all of these albums are easily available (at same resolution from Qobuz) from Tidal and Qobuz and show up on Roon when you conduct a search for them. I have to say that I’m surprised by this. It’s not a few albums, but many, and I know Roon prides itself and markets itself as a ‘metadata’ tool.

Is there any other solution to my predicament that you can suggest?

High-res audio files in my library rarely show up when I click on Versions under a particular album. I subscribe to Tidal and Qobuz and integrate both services with Roon. When I select an album, click on Versions, almost 90% of the time what I see are the Tidal and Qobuz versions of that album. But my own (most often) higher-res library versions don’t appear there. Why not? The only way I can find them is by going to Artists under My Library. But they should show up under Versions – and very occasionally they do, but mostly not. I’m attaching two screenshots to illustrate the problem. The album I’ve selected is Mahler Symphony No. 6, with Ivan Fischer conducting, Budapest Festival Orchestra. When I search for the album and click on Versions, I see the Tidal and Qobuz versions (first screenshot). But I know I have a DSD 64 version of this album on the Internal SSD of the Roon Nucleus (which I can navigate to through Artists under My Library). I’ve shown the DSD version in
the library in the second screenshot. Finally, I know that Versions does include my own high-res library files very occasionally – and I’ve shown that in a third screenshot, with an album of Schubert’s Symphony No. 9, with Maxim Emelyanychev conducting.
I’d be grateful for any help here in trying to figure this out.

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