Hi res selection

Is there a tab in the ROON software to select from 24bit titles only to add to the que?

You can use the Focus feature to do this - e.g. in album view select Focus > Format > 24bit.

Sorry for my ignorance where can I find this, or is it a setting?

In album view, Focus is a button at the top left of the screen next to shuffle.

Got it, thank you

My pleasure. Another great feature of Focus is that you can use it to both include and exclude - e.g. if you click 24bit, it selects all files in 24bit format - if you then click the green tab that says 24bit, it will turn pink meaning you have now selected every album except those in 24bit format.

Hi @Robert_Zinn,

Do checkout the Roon Knowledge Base it’s a good reference for new and experienced users alike.

Yes Thank you