Hi What's the plan for Amarra Symphony iRC as Sound engine?

Hi i found Roon today I am kindly impressed Roon UI and Music Organizing feature

I am using amarra Symphoy With iRC and huge fan of it
because their correction filter works great for my poor surroundings concerned with music sound .
I can’t make a decent sound room so i am counting on iRC.

I read few post about integration Roon with Amarra Symphony iRC. but i don’t get it clearly since
i am not good at English…

I wonder there will be plan for supporting Amarra Symphony iRC as “sound engine” of Roon?
I think Roon should contact the Sonic Studio to solve this problem .
I don’t know what is the attitude for Sonic Studio of this feature But I really wish this feature
came true in near future.


I’m waiting for amarra integration too.

As far as I’m aware the IRC part of Amarra is actually Dirac Live.

As soon as Roon implement AU/VST plugins, you’ll be able to use Dirac and a whole host of other EQs and filters. :wink:

Happy New Year all.

Just contemplating a relationship between roon and Sonic Studio makes me excited and enthusiastic. Though my sense is that the union is not likely. Yet, given the individual strengths and exceptional qualities each player provides, roon would only enhance, in my opinion, its value and appeal without detracting from any other player. Let the member subscribers make their choice, but make that choice available.

Too good to be true?

Granted, assessments are subjective at best for some preferences, but Amarra Symphony in Playlist mode renders the best SQ of all players, in my opinion. With Dirac SE’s iRC integrated with Amarra Symphony, AS’s 4 band EQ with presets, useful meters, Amarra engine, the package is complete. Rumor has it native DSD is in the works for Amarra Symphony in the next iteration.

I have been a beta tester for Sonic Studio since 2011 on a volunteer basis. And I would strongly encourage roon et al to consider adding Amarra Symphony with iRC for integration.

Amarra Symphony has always been my go-to player even though I own all the players (save JMRC nothing personal). I am a lifetime subscriber to roon; and as a front end with integration for Amarra Symphony the implementation would be a win-win.

If integration with Amarra Symphony were made manifest by roon, once enabled, let roon subscribers make their choice, to wit: 1. roon in standalone mode; 2. roon with Amarra Symphony integration; 3. roon with HQPlayer integration already enabled.

I also own Dirac Live (Full program) which I can employ with roon in standalone. Dirac Live is an enabled Zone. And, with Sonic Studio’s AsQ+ already enabled and a Zone, roon subscribers can employ AsQ+ with TIDAL HIFI which I also subscribe to.

I suppose that what currency allowed the integration of roon and HQPlayer may not exist for roon and Sonic Studio. I wonder what the block might be. I could easily surmise, but speculation serves no purpose. Too bad. Given player preferences are subjective, roon ought to be confident that such permission for enabling Amarra Symphony to be integrated would only serve to make roon even more desirable, and its subscribers free to choose what to enable would benefit far greater than presently.

I enjoy roon which is an incomparable program in so many categories. HQPlayer, which I also employ, deserves accolades. Why not add access to Amarra Symphony as a choice.

I encourage all members interested in such an opportunity to voice their encouragement to roon for an association with Sonic Studio’s Amarra Symphony and allow integration.

Happy New Year 2016. I am ready any time roon to make it happen. I imagine Sonic Studio is as well. Make it happen, roon!!!


Thanks for your opinion.

I totally agree with you. I installed multiple players like auirivana+ , HQPlayer and Amarra.
IMHO Amarra Symphony with iRC is the best runner for me about SQ .
I hope i can choose Amarra Symphony as music player in near time.
I decided to postpone Roon subscription.
Is there any official anouncement about this issue from Roon ?


Hello Park,

It would appear the enthusiasm for integration with roon is one-sided and on the part of member users of roon and Amarra Symphony.

I would not presume to surmise what roon’s owners actually would allow. Early on after roon’s emergence, the handwriting on the wall signaled an alignment with HQPlayer’s Jussi Laako and the principals of roon. The signs were readily apparent. What promoted that match is unknown to me.

I personally posted my request directly to roon’s Danny. Later on other inquiries from roon’s staff indicated that the threshold for further actions required the third party, in this case the principals of Sonic Studio to take the imitative. Readily apparent or not, my sense was this was not in “it’s just a matter of time” before both HQPlayer and Amarra Symphony would come on board. And based on the post from the membership, the numbers were promoting HQPlayer, now a fait accompli.

Hence my pleading for the same rush of posts expressing a push to make it happen. Who knows what the considerations are as I am not privy to the discussions between the parties. And given my status as a beta tester, any information that might dribble down to me in a casual (impromptu) manner is appropriately off limits for me to speculate and comment on.

I don’t know what the difference is that makes the difference that furthers the outcome for integration with roon and Amarra Symphony. Again, I envision such an outcome as only a positive result for all entities involved. Unless, of course, constraints only the principals regard may never be signaled to the membership. There doesn’t seem to be a momentum to making it happen.

I hope I have assessed the state of such an outcome incorrectly and that further enthusiasm from the membership would have a positive influence on moving the decision point from “not going to happen” to “making it happen” to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

I am intentionally being artfully vague in any case. But feel absolutely comfortable about promoting the integration as a lifetime member subscriber to roon. I don’t read posts conditioning prospective subscriptions based on whether or not roon and Amarra Symphony integrate.

For those members or would-be member subscribers who have been silent so far, please post to roon’s principals their desire for such an integration.

I have already enjoyed roon with AsQ+with iRC, and Amarra For TIDAL HIFI with iRC in standalone mode. And roon with Dirac Live. And frankly, HQPlayer with roon. But I would love Amarra Symphony now and in its future iteration to allow for integration at the discretion of the member subscriber.

Will roon open that gateway for those of us who wish it so?


Furthermore, Dirac Live is already enabled with roon as I previously indicated in an earlier post. There’s no need for some implementation to arrive beforehand. I have Dirac Live as an enabled Zone for some time now. And the combination is highly enjoyable. Dirac Live (Full) is an excellent enhancement. In my experience, the integrated edition for Amarra Symphony, iRC, which was implemented back in September 13, 2013 with the release of Amarra Symphony build 2.6 (present build is 3.0.3) for me renders SQ as good if not better even though iRC and Dirac Live are essentially the same program, except at present, iRC works with Amarra Symphony at sample rates not yet enabled for Dirac Live with roon, if I have that correct. I am referring to sample rates higher than 192/24 (for some time now). How that is, I don’t know but I have been benefitting from the extended sample rates with iRC for two years now.

Another plus is that Amarra Symphony downsamples PCM sample rates for Dacs limited to 96/24 when playing PCM files at higher sample rates automatically, I.e., for those Dacs NOT enabled to play above 96/24, Amarra Symphony will downsample 176.4 and 352.8 to 88.2 and 192 and 384 to 96 automatically. The SQ even with down sampling with the Amarra engine is superb.

There are so many pluses to encourage yet another integration choice for roon and fellow subscribers,I am puzzled at what might be the actual impediment, if there is one. Perhaps, a deepening enthusiasm for such an outcome might be persuasive for roon’s assessment in making this happen. I don’t understand the downside that would block it.

I think I have covered more than adequately my view of what integration would bring to roon subscribers who are free to choose to integrate or not. I’d even pay for any time and implementation to make that happen and in a heart beat!


The only slight issue with that approach is that it won’t work with RoonSpeakers when it’s released. By using an AU/VST approach the Dirac part would be integrated fully into Roon, and then be able to pass the corrected output to a RoonSpeaker networked attached endpoint. It’s also a much ‘simpler’ or ‘neater’ option. (IMO)

I only used Amarra briefly and while I liked the sound I really couldn’t get on with the player. Are they open about what processing they do to make it sound as it does - it seemed like it might be some sort of ‘valve-like’ filters? If so, these could probably be added via AU/VST as well, rather than need to pipe Roon through the whole Amarra package to get the same effect?

I am not competent to comment on the use of AU/VST. BTW: I believe Flavio who is associated with Dirac SE and posts at CA (computeraudiophile.com) has indicated that Dirac Live with implement the use of AU/VST filters – or do I have that wrong.

Additionally, I am not aware of what the Amarra engine utilizes to accomplish its SQ. My romance with the program for the last 4 years is based on what I experience sensorily. And when and If I employ their EQ presets from time to time, I do not “adjust” their Parametric 4Band filter, which one can do as I don’t know enough about what to “adjust”. The same is true when creating the Filters for iRC. I accept the filters their measurement program creates. The result, however, works for me. Essentially, I stay with what’s created and, therefore, am not aware of what adjustments and the extent of the refinement results that one can achieve.

Same is true for me when employing HQPlayer. I just employ what filters etc. Jussi creates and have never implemented the convolution engine. Obviously, I don’t know what I am missing. And appreciate that your experience and know-how allows for a different experience from my mere acceptance of what is provided “as is”.

Not sure what you mean by getting on with the player beyond the obvious meaning. Not disagreeing with you as I never argue with perception.

For critical listening, when employing Amarra Symphony in Playlist mode (iTunes is eliminated from the process as opposed to Amarra mode when iTunes is in the equation) with iRC, EQ Bypass unchecked, Gain Bypass checked, Brickwall limited unchecked, DSD Gain set to “1”, DSD filter “on”, Cache set to “on”, Preload (not necessary in Playlist mode) unchecked, compared to all the players, what I hear is favored above the others.

My advocacy for roon allowing for the integration with Amarra Symphony allows a roon subscriber who would prefer Amarra Symphony as the engine with roon’s UI/UX to opt/select that configuration (or not).

In any case, the topic of this thread is not which player is the best, rather to petition roon to allow for more choices and configurations that serve present subscribers and attract new subscribers.

Computer audio has never been better.


Can’t argue with that…:wink: Choice is good.

Dirac (via Flavio at CA) have Dirac Live as a beta AU/VST plugin, which many people seem to be using without issue. I believe it’s being officially launched Q1 2016.

The reason I’m a proponent of AU/VST is that integrating other packages in their raw format is a big undertaking for developers. HQ player was a no brainier as it had a huge following and highly regarded in up sampling, and without being too unkind to the developer was crying out for a new front end - from what I understand Jussi is a programmer and dedicated to audio processing and SQ optimisation rather than user front end experience - I for one couldn’t use it not just because of the interface but because ALAC was unsupported for no obvious reason. I believe both developers will benefit massively from the integration. In fact, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before bundles are available.

Once Au/VST plugins are supported, a whole host of new filters, EQ, room correction would be available all as part of the same ecosystem. It also makes RoonSpeakers viable if you need other filters.

Of course, long-term, if Roon could offer integration with every package out there that would be great. Although I imagine not a huge number of people would want to pay for so many licenses of full music management/playback software just to have a choice for different Roon outputs? I could be wrong of course.

My Amarra experience was a while back. I seem to remember a few really odd and pointless workflows like having to have a playlist sorted in a certain way before it would play gap less, and other odd gapless issues. I didn’t stay long and got a refund. I’ve done programming in the past, but as a user I’m of the opinion that it he software should just do what the user needs and not make anyone jump through hoops - that’s the point of good programming. For me the Roon guys get this. I didn’t sense that was the case with Amarra when I contacted them. But then Roon are very unique in my opinion and so should do exceptionally well. I still can’t believe I only heard about them so recently. They’ve created what I always wanted bit didn’t have the knowledge/resources/funds to do myself.

Of course if they can link into everyone’s favourite playback engine that would be great too - but I’m sure they also have plans to use resources to develop their own product so that it’s the only one anyone needs :wink:

Thank you for a comprehensive response that opens my awareness to other possibilities and different perspectives about the players we employ. The only missing element is being able to assess what others experience when listening to their synergies compared to my listening experience.

I employ both a simple and straight-forward interface with my music library. Then to listen to albums not playlists or playlists from TIDAL HIFI where all the work has been provided.

Believe the future may provide more experiences and associations to follow than might be expected at present. Yes, roon is an innovator extraordinaire. And having selected HQPlayer to offer more of what they appreciate, there might be yet other features from other sources that improve upon roon’s compliment of services.

What I feel confident about is how it keeps on getting better which inures to our enjoyment.

Thank you for the response.


I really enjoy Roon during the test period, but both with and without HQPlayer not give me the sound quality I’m used to.
I always use Amarra without iTunes, and after having tried everything Amarra gives the best sound quality with my system.
If there was a link in Roon to Amarra as now is to HQPlayer I would not hesitate and immediately take a Roon account.

I also hope that in the near future there will be a link…

Have you tried using Roon with Amarra sQ+? Gives you the Amarra sound with any program. Just choose Sonic Stream in Roon’s output and then setup sQ+ to your Dac.

I would be satisfied if the developers here could make Roon sound as good as this program, Audirvana plus or HQ player. No idea what makes them sound better but they do. HQ player is a no go with no support for either ALAC or AAC files.

Unless you use it via Roon of course….

So if you use this with Roon it plays any type of file that Roon will play? If so, very interesting!

Yes, exactly that!

Roon deals with all the file I/O (well, I, anyway) and sends to HQ Player where it processes for, er, O.

If you want to know more, there’s a fairly big HQ Player user base here with many topics on it……

Yeah I held off on HQPlayer until integration. My whole library is in ALAC and no issues.

Thanks a lot guys! I downloaded a trail copy of HQ player and now I have to spend nearly $150 :(!!! This thing sounds really good. I guess I missed the part where you could play any type of file Roon supports not just the file formats HQ player will play. I retract my request for Audirvana or Amarra support, this sounds better than either imho. Now to the really hard part of deciding which filter sounds the best.