Hibernation - no audio devices

I have a problem.
I run the roon server on a NUC with windows 10 without a monitor.
When Windows 10 wakes up from hibernation, there are no audio devices left.
Only when I move the mouse or sign in via VNC are the audio devices back.

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Hello @Stefan_Schenkendorf,

Are you running the regular desktop Roon client or Roon Server? Roon Server is designed for headless operation and may solve the issue you are encountering.


I use roon server

Hello @Stefan_Schenkendorf,

Does your computer use the RealTek HD device driver? You can check this by clicking the windows start menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, typing in “device manager”, and then looking for the “Sound, video, and game controllers” dropdown. If it is installed, right click on the device, and click “uninstall” to remove the driver. We have multiple reports of users having issues with all audio devices not showing up due to this driver.

If you’re not using this driver, could you please report what audio devices you see in the “sound, video, and game controllers” dropdown? What is the trigger for your computer waking up from hibernation?


Hello John,

I did it but it did not help.
The driver was uninstalled and turned off the audio function in the bios.
I have found a solution with which I am satisfied.
When I shut down the computer (S5 mode), the audio devices are present after a reboot.

Best regards Stefan