HiBy Android Audio Can't Be Output Above 48KHz

Hello, on my HiBy R6 Roon downsamples my tracks to 48KHz if the track is at a higher sample rate for compatibility reason.

I’m also unable to upsample it despite HiBy mentioning that my Transport is able to run 192KHz. I think it’s a limitation on Roon’s side that has made this.

I wonder if anyone is facing the same issue and if Roon will look into this issue. :slight_smile:

Thank you

Stock Android as you say limits to.48 and roon follows this. For the time being at least this is the limit in roon.
I have been wondering if the delay in getting astell & Kern on roon is due to this limitation and perhaps there is something going on in the background to get around this limitation.

These DAPs dont use stock Android and all the apps on them get around it ok as they use the os to decide what is happening and they have circumvented the system resampling in their version of Android. Yet Roon seems incapable of this for some reason it’s about time this was really looked at

I know and as the OP said it looks like it’s downsampled for compatibility. I was agreeing with him, simples…

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Each “device” is using their own solution. Roon’s decision to set Android to 48Khz, (side comment: it was not always that way), is, imho, a compatibility and support decision.

In the case of Hiby, they state very specifically in a forum post which “types” of applications can utilize their alternate audio path. And their design decisions leave Roon, and applications like Roon, on the “can’t use” side of that equation.

In the case of the LG phones, the applications themselves, I think, have to be tweaked to be aware of the alternate Audio path. Which may involve licensing and payments to LG for use of that audio path.

Hello @KaiChong_Wong,

We’re going to reach out to HiBy to see what is involved with making Roon work with their Android audio modifications. Once we have made a determination, we’ll be sure to update you in this thread.


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That’s fantastic! :slight_smile: Thank you.

Hello, do you have an estimated date when this could be implemented for the HiBy R6?

Hello @KaiChong_Wong,

No, we can not give an estimate at this time.


Okay, no worries :slight_smile: thank you

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