Hiby R5 control buttons don't work

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I am running Roon on my recently acquired Hiby R5 and it works well, system resampling aside. But I can’t get the control buttons to control the apps play, pause ,skip and back functions. All other android music apps work fine with these controls so why not Roon. Are you doing something none Android standard here? Could this get fixed in Roon software or does it need to be from the Hiby end.

Any help would be appreciated as it’s a Shame that this android feature does not work on the Android app

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

Does this behavior occur when you try controlling the device’s local output zone or another zone? These buttons are only expected to work at the present time when controlling the Hiby’s own audio output and not other zones.

Hi Noris they don’t work controlling playback on the Hiby when using Roon on it and it’s the output being controlled . I don’t expect them to work when used as a remote for other devices and not tried them to be honest.

So the issue here is if you access Roon on a standard Android device you use the Roon app itself to control playback. That also enables you to use it to control remote devices. But a DAP will have its own playback controls independent of the Roon app, and clearly these have no link to the Roon controls. I suppose the major difference between Roon and other media players is that it is hosted elsewhere whereas if you put other media players on the Hiby, their core is on the player. It shouldn’t be hard to put right but by whom?

Which is what I am asking. It seems that the buttons do a simple android control scheme mapping as they work on all music apps and do the same thing so this has to be in Android to do this. Just Roons android implementation does not seem to map play controls to this standard scheme. I could be wrong. I have put this to Hiby to so will see what they say. Going to try Plex and see if they work with that as that’s the same model as Roon server and client. But then so is BubbleUPnP and that works to.

And the Media controls work on Plex to for playing server content on the Hiby . So this definitely looks like Roon not obiding by some Android standard for control.

The buttons don’t work on my Pioneer DAP either.

Good to see it’s more widespread than just mine, if you know what I mean.

I didn’t try until you posted. It lives in the garage and is remotely controlled normally.

Reducing a high class DAP to the garage, I’m in the wrong job. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that in order for a device using Bridge software to control, Roon needs to see and connect to an extension in order to perform volume, pause, previous and next operations. Would something like that work here?

It would be a hack I suppose and welcome but not something I am capable off creating. Its an android app that should be using standard Android control protocols. If Plex, BubbleUPnP work in the same way as Roon as an endpoint and a remote and the controls work for both of those it really should for Roon. Funny thing is using Bluetooth my headset can control play, pause etc so some level of control is there.

Hello @CrystalGipsy,

We will reach out to HiBy to see if we can improve the behavior you are seeing.



Thanks John. I have contacted them my self and they are investigating to. But if you can work together that would be great.

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