"hiccup" when playing over HiFiBerry/RasPi4

Core Machine

Ubuntu 18.05 LTS
Intel(R) Core™ i3-4010U CPU @ 1.70GHz

$ free -h
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           7.7G        5.5G        149M         27M        2.0G        1.9G
Swap:          3.7G        912M        2.9G

Network Details

Both core & RasPi4 connected via UniFi USW-48-PoE switch (no wifi)
Comcast 1.2Gbps down / 35Mbps up service
pfSense firewall capable of > 1Gbps

Audio Devices

RasPi4 running Hifiberry
Hifiberry Digi+ Pro
Schiit Bifrost 2 (connected via coax)
Woo Audio WA6-SE

Description of Issue

During the evening I regularly listen to Roon + Tidal over the above setup. I’d estimate that every 10-15minutes I’ll hear a brief pause or hiccup for a fraction of a second in the audio stream- sorta like if a buffer ran out. It doesn’t seem to be an issue with certain tracks, as if I go back in the track the problem won’t repeat itself.

There shouldn’t be any network congestion as nobody else in the house is on the internet, watching Netflix or anything like that.

I can’t say if it happens only with Tidal or if it happens with my FLAC files as well- as Roon seems to only want to play Tidal when both exist.

Edit: Last night I specifically played a ripped album and it happened twice. Once on the 1st song and again on the 5th. Hence the problem is not limited to just Tidal and doesn’t seem to be internet streaming/congestion related.

Update: just had this happen to me with Tidal, but playing Roon via my Mac.

Mac → USB → Bifrost 2 → Jotuntheim

In this case, the Mac is connected to the network via wifi.

Tried upgrading to the latest build of Roon on the Core and my phone and the hiccups are still happening.

Hi @Aaron_Turner,

Thanks for the clear description and updates. I’m going to send this up to our technical team, and logs would be very helpful. Before you pull the logs, though, let’s capture an instance of this happening.

When you notice a hiccup, please note the local time & date plus the specific track you’re playing, then capture your logs using these instructions

Let me know once you’ve uploaded them and I’ll make sure the team knows!

All times yesterday, May 22, 2021 Pacific, and via Tidal @ FLAC 44.1/16:

  • 7:53pm
  • 8:12pm
  • 9:24pm
  • 9:33pm
  • 9:44pm
  • 10:25pm
  • 10:34pm
  • 10:53pm


Hi @kirsten, just curious when someone can get back to me?