Hickups in Tidal music

When I listen to Tidal music in Roon, I get a short hickup in the sound 1-2 times/tune. I get the same using Tidal App so I assume this is an issue with Tidal and their streaming, but thought I should ask here if anyone a fix for this?

Playing local flac files does not produce this.

possibly your external internet connection is not what it might be spec’d for…

run something like www.speedtest.net to get a handle how fast your connection is for downloads

depending on where your music is locally stored it could even be if you are on a wifi connection the issue is internal to your network

My music is stored on a 960 M.2 SSD, so that’t not the issue, and besides I don’t get hickups on local music, only when playing from Tidal. My internet speed is around 100 Mbit, but that’s not 100% steady so might be because of that. I will try to connect the computer directly to the modem instead as now with WiFi and see if that helps (the modem/ISP is 500 Mbit which should be enough).