Hidden album/library badge

Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to add a visual badge on the album cover indicating that an album is indeed in the library, but hidden, when you browse an artist discography? At the moment, if you pick a hidden album in an artist discography page, it acts as it’s not in the library at all.

Here is an example.

From the artist Discography page, this album appears as not in the library :

As expected, this album doesn’t show in the Overview page of the artist, as it is hidden.

If you click on the album, Roon then acts as if the album isn’t in the library at all :

And if you try to add it again, it spins “forever”.

Things differ if you access the album from the Home page, in the recently played area :

Then it has the library badge even if the album is hidden.

And if I click on the album, Roon then shows the album as part of the library :

Maybe a different color library badge would be a good way to identify albums that are in the library, but hidden? Also, it would be nice if the way you take to access an album doesn’t affect the fact that it is shown as being in the library or not.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!