Hidden albums in discography

If one has the “show hidden albums and tracks” set to yes, in the albums list, all versions of every album is shown. This is as it should be. If, on the other hand, you go to the artist’s page and select discography, all alternative versions of an album are grouped under the primary album just as if the “show hidden albums and tracks” was set to no even if it is set to yes. Why does Roon do this?

There is a workaround: one can go to the albums view and filter the list for the artist’s name. That works for most artists, but there are some artists whose names appear in album titles even though they aren’t on the album per se (tribute albums for instance), so this method is imperfect at best. Surely there should be an easy and obvious way to display every version of every album in one’s collection by a particular artist. Am I missing something?

The discography section does not follow the "show hidden albums and tracks” settings. That is because that section is not about what is in your library. Overview and the albums listed there do follow that setting.

As mentioned above the Overview tab under the Artist is for albums in your collection.

If the albums list, “show hidden” only shows the albums in your library. You may have a few versions of an album in your library, but probably well selected and not pointless duplicates.

However, some albums have lots of versions in the catalog. If the discography showed them all separately, it would show me 14 Tidal and 8 Qobuz versions of Midnight when looking at Taylor Swift’s discography.

OK, based on the replies here, I see that I was looking to accomplish something that was probably better done elsewhere. I hadn’t really examined the Overview listing as the place to look instead of the discography tab because I was making use of the Focus feature which isn’t available on the Overview tab. But the Recommended Albums section does what I needed so I’m good on my first issue. My second issue, which indeed involves when and how to group alternative versions is best addressed in a separate thread that I’ll start now.

Maybe nothing to do with your question, but I link the highest resolution of an album in both Tidal and Qobuz and show both so I can easily choose which one I want to listen to. When I add an album, I go to Roon - Versions to find the highest resolution in both services.