Hide album not working in shuffle

I have a single flac file of the following album that I split into multiple files, so Roon would see it. I then had two of the same albums, so I hid the single flac file one. Today when I shuffled the Jazz genre the full file was played. I’m assuming if you hide an album that it should not show up in shuffle.

No, you need to ban the album, by clicking the Heart Icon till is displays the ban icon.
Then it will only play if specifically selected by the user.

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Do you know how I see the hidden album now? So the steps should be: 1) ban album 2) hide album (so you don’t see album in album list)

Is that right? Thank you for your help.

Early on in V1.8 a bug was introduced so that if you banned an album shuffle would still play tracks from that album. The solution was to ban each track in the album. I don’t know if that bug still exists because I banned all the tracks. But you may have to ban all the tracks from the album you want banned. Or the easier thing to do is ban all the tracks from the hidden albums you don’t want to play.

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Go to Roon’s settings page, …

Just in case you’re not aware … checkout the Roon Labs Help Site, it’s a good reference for new and experienced users alike.