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(M J) #1

Would be nice to be able to hide the reviews. I’m astounded that some amazing music gets three stars, and it adds subconscious negativity. Plus music is a matter of taste, so I don’t see how there can even be reviews in the first place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting request. For me, the reviews are a central part of the experience. In fact, I have put in a feature request (and you may like this too) to allow the option for the user to edit reviews, and if possible have more than 1 review for an item. This would allow the user to add reviews where there aren’t any and to add reviews more in line with your own tastes.


I enjoy reading the reviews even if I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, if the star rating causes an issue you can modify it, I frequently do.


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(paolo) #4

if by “review” you mean editorial star ratings and “picks” I’m with you :slight_smile:

Star ratings are easy and quick to replace with your own
Editorial “picks” (which I only agree with maybe 1 time out of 100 :stuck_out_tongue: ) are more annoying to change and I already asked for a global setting to ignore them

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(Gerald Richardson) #5

I will admit that I get annoyed by negative reviews of music in my libraries that I have purchased. I read all of those before purchasing.

(Pierre Ebbinghaus) #6

I find review useful & important to the Roon experience. I have made a suggestion in another thread that I will try and link to this. Personal custom review or multiple reviews and toggle through approach as others have said before. I hope we can squeeze more potential out of Roon.

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(David Orgel) #7

Here’s your link: