Hide popups in roon apps needs improvement

The sections of screens throughput roon that can be clicked to hide popups is inconsistent and in need of attention.

A good example is the volume popup on ios, but the same applies to nearly all popups on the mac app aswell. Once you click the volume icon, you can only get rid of the volume popup by clicking in very specific parts of the screen - makes no sense and is not intuitively where you try to click while using the app.

Areas in green can be clicked to clear the volume popup - areas in red can’t.

Just 1 of 100 examples of careless and sloppy roon app development.

In iOS, if you click on the volume icon again, does it not close the popup?
This is what happens in Android and Windows (and for me it’s very intuitive).

Good album choice.

Andorid I can click anywhere and popups close, must by unique to iOS.

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In this case, it seems to be an iOS bug. You better move your post to the support section.

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I just checked and confirmed on my iOS app for my iPhone and my iPad and both behave consistently and similarly to my Mac and Windows applications: click anywhere on the screen and the pop-up window closes.

What version of iOS do you have, what version of iPhone, and are you on the current Roon build of 943? Same questions for your Mac.

I see this behaviour on my iPhone X (iOS 15.4.1), but not on my iPad Air2 running the same version of iOS.

Phone on 943, but iPad on 935. Looks like a regression.

Is it worth updating iOS to 15.5? Probably not going to change anything. Another option may be to delete Roon from your iPhone and reinstalling it. I haven’t seen this behavior on my iPhone 11, so you may need to wait for Roon support to respond.

I’ve noticed the same behavior on my iPad 7th gen, currently on 15.5, but was present on 15.4 as well. Sometimes I have to “hunt” where to click to close a popup.

It hasn’t always been this way, but I don’t remember exactly when it started (sometime in the past several months maybe?).

A number of us are seeing a different behavior than you are seeing.

As an example, the areas you have outlined in red will dismiss the volume panel on my iPhone.

That said, I have no doubt the what you are describing is accurate in your scenario.

It looks like you might be using a much older version of the roon iOS app. I see UI differences between your screen and mine.

You may want to ensure you are on the latest iOS and roon versions if this behavior is bothering you.

Best of luck

In my case, I’m on latest iOS and Roon versions (iPad 7th gen and iPhone 12 Pro) and am seeing the behavior as described by the OP. In the scheme of things, it’s not a big deal, but an annoyance (among others).


Really interesting that we’re seeing such different behaviors in something so simple.

I’d recommend sending this to support to see if this is some sort of corner case bug.

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Updated iOS to 952 and still see this. However, I note that it works correctly with Live Radio playback.

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