Hide Qobuz Playlists on mobile devices (Android)

On the Desktop, you can disable the visibility of Qobuz Playlists under the main Roon Playlist, by deselecting “Shared Playlists”. But on Android, this option is not available. Roon than shows all Qobuz Playlists and this can generate double entries in Roon (as I do manually manage my Playlists in Qobuz to be the same as the Roon Playlist). So please, give us the option to hide Qobuz Playlist. It is still possible to access the Qobuz Playlist under “Qobuz/My Qobuz”.

Interesting request. I am not sure what that “Shared Playlist” toggle was meant for, maybe for showing other Roon profile users. It is interesting that it hides Tidal (for me) playlists.

Why do you make duplicate playlists? Why not just make them on Qobuz and they sync in?

(I wish it was a two way edit!!)

I totally agree with this request.

In addition, this feature (hide Qobus playlists) exists on the Desktop, exists on Android tablet (for me a Samsung tablet), but does’nt exist on Android Smartphone !

Does someone can confirm to me that it is possbile on Android tablet, but not possible on Android Smartphone ?



Because Roon Playlists allow you to have a mix of local files and tracks from streaming services. How do you incude local files on a Qobuz Playlist? It’s not possible.

Got it, so your playlists are similar perhaps but not exactly the same. One has local tracks.