Hide radio panel (or even get rid of it altogether)


Radio may be a nice feature. But while I rarely use it, it is always there on the right, wasting precious screen space.

Instead of constantly having its on the right panel, it could be converted into just another button just like “repeat” and “shuffle”. After all for most of the time that panel is idle and empty, with just the radio switch there and some help text.

Even when the radio is on, maybe you could do without the radio panel by finding a way to directly add the radio-picked songs into the playlist and integrating there the voting buttons somehow. Because if, while playing the radio, you press “previous” the tracks played by the radio end up in the playlist anyway.



I second this. I would like to be able to globally disable “radio”, never see the display, and certainly never have new endpoints default to “radio” on.

It’s awful.

Agree! While it is a useful feature, it should be a small icon indicating if it is on or off. A full panel that explains what radio does that is always there is a waste of space that could be used to display albums from same artist or other interesting info about the track/artist playing.