Hide Roon Radio sidebar


Hi. Is there a button/option to hide the sidebar on the right of the queue which says: Roon Radio - Roon Radio will automatically pick music based on your queue

There doesn’t seem to be… but it’s big and grey and hogs my screen with nothing?

Or… is it supposed to be always dynamically filled with music, based on my queue? … and a button to “switch to Roon Radio now” ?

Then I could see what Roon Radio was planning to play based on my current queue… which may give me some inspiration of what to add to my queue.

Am I missing something obvious?


Nope, it can’t be hidden. I agree it takes up far too much screen real estate.

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It’s also a shame it doesn’t populate with future picks so one doesn’t have to keep going back in during the last 30secs of a song to like or dismiss whatever is next. This is radio not tv - you don’t sit there watching the tunes go by.


But once the first pick has been done, you can then rapidly build up the queue by using the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons to queue up hours of music. You don’t need to keep going back once a track has finished…

I must have been under a rock when this came about :flushed: totally missed that one :slight_smile:

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It happens to us all…

Which beggars the question, how does one know what the last :30 seconds of a song you’ve never heard is? Some of us aren’t glued to the Roon screen when playing music - one reason I’ve called for the development of some sort of tool bar or minimized window tile for those of us who also work on our remotes. I generally don’t offer feedback at all as I don’t want to have to keep changing windows, second guessing when a song is going to end, keep running back to the iPad in the other room from the kitchen, etc.

Not all of us are audiophiles with listening rooms, or even the luxury to not have to move our butts out of a comfy chair in the sweet spot for the duration of an album. Radio is a great idea, fun, esp in the office, works pretty well, but the UX/UI isn’t there yet, and seems more of an afterthought IMO.

Also, it would be nice in the History view if there was an indicator where Radio started. Some sort of graphical interface to delineate it from a deliberate album play vs the Radio play. Also a radio timer.

Oh, I forgot about that update. Still a lot of work though. Would be nice to have it laid out in a list view. I remember Jriver had this for their shuffle play. Nice to be able to go through and just delete a few lines at a glance.

Is there still no way to hide the bar in 1.7?

If I’m not using radio, it just sits there advertising the radio feature to me. Yes, I know about radio, thanks.

IMVHO it ruins, what is otherwise a pretty good UI… and it might sound stupid, but for this reason I simply cannot use Roon as my primary player. It’s good for browsing and discovering music… but otherwise, I use a different player.

How disappointing.

+1. I don’t use Roon Radio. Please provide and option to turn off Radio completely, or a way to hide the Roon Radio sidebar. Taking up valuable screen space and is distracting. Classical tracks have long artist/performer metadata - getting truncated because of the unnecessary Roon Radio sidebar.

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I would suggest creating a feature request but maybe one of the mods will move the respective posts to a new #roon:feature-requests thread, or add to an existing if there is one.

I’ve renamed and moved this whole topic over.

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I would also like to be able to hide the Roon Radio sidebar. I do not use it, as I always listen to entire albums or pre-built playlists.

Thank you.

+1 Agree. Surely that can be an easy thing to add into settings to disable Roon Radio.

Please make this happen.

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It is beyond depressing that there is still no option to control this.

No, it won’t… I have the option disabled. I don’t want to see it… it takes up a large amount of screen realestate.

I’m embarrassed to show my expensive music player to my friends. Most of it is nice, but they think this UI snafu is a bad joke.


I agree this radio thing takes up space for nothing for those of us that don’t want to use it.

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For whatever it’s worth mark me down as in favor of being able to hide this sidebar (and to switch the whole thing off for that matter).


A toggle to hide it would be very welcome!

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This better be sorted out in 1.8 :neutral_face:

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