Hide spoken word, dialogue, applause etc. in radio

Can I hide spoken word, dialogue, applause etc. from radio?

I only want to be able to hide this in radio. When playing an album through I prefer these items. Does it have to be hidden on a track by track basis? Or can such items be tagged “spoken word” or similar and a global rule applied?

There are already some rules like this, so examples of what you want skipped would be helpful.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for responding @mike.

I can’t give you a long list as I am away from home. But I know I have enough to be annoying. It’s a big problem on live DVD rips as there can be minutes of applause and orchestra pit tuning. Is this not something that is user configurable? It’s gong to be very hit and miss. I never noticed any consistency from the publishers so my habit was to tag everything “Spoken Word”.

What came up specifically this morning was a lot of dialogue on disk 4 of a Johnny Cash compilation. Roon identified it and the culprits are “Dialogue #1”, “Dialogue #2” etc.

You will notice I have been trying to get a zone called “Chromecast Proxy” working. It is actually ASIO JRiver 23 as JRiver supports Chromecast. But I cannot get the integration working. I am sure I had roon/JRiver working before but it would have been several versions ago. Is this still supported?