Hide Tidal album not added to library (for Artists with same name, see example)

So there’s this Norwegian band called In Vain. Apparently, some band released an album under the same name. I want to hide that album. I noticed I can click on the new library icon, but that hides ALL tidal albums I have not added (eg: singles). Is there any way around this?

Discography is supposed to be an overview of all releases by a band, and as such not “hidable” by users.

In this case, you are talking about a Meta-data which the devs need to fix on the back end, ie. a band being mixed with the wrong band.

As such, I am moving this to Support: Metadata Issues so they can see it.

Oh, I see. Then this is a Tidal problem, because in Tidal, they don’t separate artists with the same name. I wonder if that can be fixed here? I guess that the best workaround would be to just add all albums/eps/etc from tidal to Library and then apply the library filter.