Hiding certain tracks from Tidal albums

Hey everyone!

Is it possible to remove, delete or hide, in other words, to EXCLUDE certain tracks from certain Tidal albums in my collection? The goal is not to hear them anymore in the future while listening to the albums.

I would be really grateful for your help!
Using a Trial version.


You can delete tracks, but I would suggest “banning” the tracks by clicking on the heart icon twice for each track you don’t want in album play. Then when you click play on the album, they won’t be queued. The album needs to be in your library first in order to do this (vs. just being browsed to).

Thanks for your reply!

I am afraid this is not a possible operation for Roon in Tidal albums.

The heart icon is only available in the Queue mode while in the Album mode it is not available. And every time you press Play on your album (after playing other albums) you have to go the Queue list and re-ban the tracks again which is obviously a bit inconvenient.

Do you think a feature “Never show me this track again”/“Hide this track” refering to Tidal albums will appear in the future updates?

I just looked, if an album is in your library (You want to play it and you know it well enough to know the tracks you don’t like so why wouldn’t it be?) you can ban them.

Ok, guys! If you are new to Roon, all you need to do to be able to ban or hide songs from your Tidal albums is to open the album you need and press “Add to Library” (which will add the albums to your ROON library). After that every song in the album will get a heart icon which you can use to like or ban (double click) them.

The issue is solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @joel Roon Labs: Developer for your help.
Thanks a lot, @Chrislayeruk Chris, for the details!