Hiding multiple albums at once

Hi not sure if this has been touched on before but I search and couldn’t find any.
In Roon, is there a way to hide multiple albums all at onces? I have a lot of albums which I would like to hide but I prefer not doing so one at a time.

Hi Richard,

Yes, right click or long press each album to select multiple albums. Click the Edit at the top or the screen. I think you know the rest.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg,
Silly me, it’s that simple? Will try that out.

If you can devise a Focus search for the albums you wish to hide, then after selecting the first you can use the top left menu to select all.

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Thanks for the input, Andrew. That’s actually exactly what I would like to do! Great!

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It works, but I have a larger problem. When I installed Roon it seems to have gone to my iTunes and VLC folders to populate itself. I have also manually got it to import full FLAC files for my entire collection. Result is I have multiple copies of each album - I FLAC and at least 2 MP3s. for each. Is there a way to clear the entire Roon library and start again? If so, how do I restrict the file source to my chosen folder when re-installing?

Brilliant! A few wrong turns but its worked perfectly. All MP3 files now removed. Thank you so much

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