Hiding tracks that belong to Tidal

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Description Of Issue
On the subject of hiding tracks:
If in Roon I choose to hide some tracks, that originated in Tidal, I can still see them when I display their “Parent Album” and this despite the fact that in “Roon settings” I chose to “not show hidden tracks”. Is this behaviour normal?

I also met an interresting circumstance. Unfortunatly I cannot reproduce it any more.
It was a case where the hidden tracks did not show up but instead at the bottom of the list of the non-hidden track there was a symbol that allowed to see the entire Tidal original album.

Hi @Jacques_DRISCART,

Can you share a screenshot of an album that should have hidden tracks that aren’t hidden?

Here are plenty of tracks that aren’t hidden.
I left “show hidden tracks and albums” to “NO” in the Roon Settings.
Everything works as documented but these tracks should no show.

Hi @Jacques_DRISCART,

Does this happen with every track you hide every time?

If you selected these tracks and chose to hide them right now do they still show up? Or do they hide until you open up the album the next time?

They show up no matter what or when.

They never hide.

Thank you for your interest. I am dropping this issue which is not critical for me.

Hi @Jacques_DRISCART,

Thanks for the update. If you decide to continue troubleshooting this issue please do let us know! We’d be happy to assist any way we can.

If you do decide to continue with troubleshooting, it would be good to:

  • Have a screenshot of Settings > General for this remote
  • Confirm whether or not this happens for all remote devices


I told you: “Thank you for your interest. I am dropping this issue”.


I use Roon for hours every day in three locations round the world and I think that it is truly excellent software. I further appreciate the extraordinary service that you provide and I hope that you all realise how much it is appreciated by the vast majority of us who don’t encounter problems but recognise that you are always there were I ever to need you. What does baffle me is why some people are so rude when you try and help. I cannot think of any other software that is as well supported and you should be proud.