Hierarchical queue

I like using the queue to program my listening session and it works fairly well.

Where I see room for improvement is in having it hierarchical instead of flat.

I clarify.
Items in the queue are a flat list of tracks. However, they were added to the queue according to different sources: they may have been added as just a single track, or as an entire album, or as an entire artist…

As an example, in the picture below you see 2 albums. I’d like to swap the albums but I can only sort their tracks.

What my improved queue would look like?
It would consist of a 2 levels hierarchy. A node corresponding to the level originally used to send items to the queue and a second level the tracks.
Trivial case would be when you send tracks directly to the queue: in this case the queue would exactly look like now.

Hope you can consider this improvement!

Great idea. Make a feature suggestion and I’ll vote

One could have a separate handle for an album in the queue, as I think was requested here, but another solution would be to enable drag handles for a multiselection of tracks in the queue (which could also be used for moving several tracks at once that didn’t come from one album), and a request for this is here:

Thanks! Changed to feature suggestion!

super, I did vote :slight_smile:

Out of votes but the is a great suggestion

The simplest suggestion of just being able to long-hold or right click to delete or select/drag an album from a queue (without having to select the tracks individually) seems the easiest option with the largest benefit.