Hifiberry Amp100 supported?


many thanks for Ropieee :smiley: which “beams” my 20+ year old vintage Linn system into the year 2022!

Donation has been made, ofcourse…

Just a brief question:

I am about to buy a Hifiberry Amp100 for a new project and wonder if this Amp/Dac is supported by RoPieee. In the dropdown list of supported HAT’s I can see “Hifiberry Amp/Amp+”, does this include the Hifiberry Amp100?

Jens from Hamburg

Hi @Jens-Michael_Arndt,

Had a quick look, but no: the Amp100 uses a different driver.

I’ll add support for it immediately: when do you expect to have this device?


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thanks for the quick reply.

I havn’t ordered yet but - unlike the Raspberry Pi’s - the Amp100 appears to be available here in Germany, so should have it within the next week.


I’ll make sure that an update is out this weekend that will provide support for it.


Now that’s service!

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Psssssst @Jens-Michael_Arndt ,
The release with support for the Amp100 is available.



You’re amazing, @spockfish ! I just got my Amp 100 in the mail and was just having a “OMG, hope it’s supported” moment before finding this post. You rock!! :slight_smile:

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I recently got an AMP100, and I encounter a problem with a small “pop/crackle” sound every time you start a new song. Does anyone else suffer this issue?

I have a Hi Fi Berry DAC2HD / AAMP60 combination which makes a small click when changing sample rate.

I worked round the issue by setting Roon to always upsample to 192k.

Hey @GregD. Which setting is that? Can you post a screenshot of where you make it so?
I will try it!

Take a look here How to set up custom upsampling - #3 by Jeffrey_Robbins

I gave it a try but it doens’t seem to help :frowning:

Same small noise every time I start a new song still.

Sorry for the delay - didn’t have my laptop in the same place as my AAMP 60.

My upsampling setup is slight simpler - I don’t know if that is what makes it work - or that it’s just the DAC2HD/AAMP60 combination behaves differently.

Anyhow screen sho

t attached.


I as well using amp100 on a raspberrypi but can’t seem to find the device on the list

I think you’re looking in the wrong place.

It’s supported by Ropieee, so you will find it in the Ropieee HAT list.

Thank you Greg.

That part is done. I selected the amp100 when I was setting up the HAT.

Within roon though it doesn’t seem to be in the list…

I actually have the same issue with a Musical Fidelity Dac I have the MX.

Perhaps both devices are not Roon Ready?

Good you have it working.

Setting the device in roon mostly doesn’t matter, you just have to set any limitations yourself.

But if it works - it works!