Hifiberry AMP3 support


I have got my self Hifiberry AMP3 with DSD addon…
I don’t see any option available in the RoPieeXL, Is there a plan to add support for this?

I try using HiFiberryOS! didn’t like it… Buggy at best… I’m already using AlloBoss2 with RoPieeXL and it’s great!


Can’t find any information. I presume it will just work if you configure the AMP/AMP+ hat.

This is the product… https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/boards/hifiberry-amp3/

I only know they it requires kernel 5.15.24.

I tried Amp/Amp+ and also Amp 100… But I was not able to see the ropieee in roon or I was able to connect Spotify to it…

After search, I find that SSH is no longer possible to see logs. Is there any way to see journal logs or otherwise?

Hifiberry OS has support for this on their latest release. But their os is buggy as best.


If you Send Feedback on the Advanced tab, Harry may have time to take a look at the logs. Post the identifier here.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the tip… I configured as AMP100 & AMP/AMP+. here are the feedback ID for them both:

AMP100 → 50ed239bd7b7314f
AMP/AMP+ → eb5d80b5ef32430d

Hi @rajeevan,

Thanks for the feedback.
The AMP3 requires a different driver. I’ll add it right away.

2 things you can do: wait for the next release (somewhere this month), or install the beta (I’ll update that one tomorrow).



Nice. Thanks for the quick action… I will wait till next release :+1:

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Just updated the latest version! and I see AMP3 :smile:
It works great… Thanks for the quick update.

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