Hifiberry DAC: how do I input digital?

Question: if I want to build a hifiberry DAC for use with my sprout at my office, what is the input?? All I see are 2 rca outs. Thanks!

You need to connect the Raspberry Pi with the Hifiberry DAC hat to an Ethernet connection (preferred) or use Wi-Fi. The RPi needs to run Roon Bridge software; I recommend you download Ropieee.

Thanks. This is for non roon use.

What the music source?

The most minimal setup would involve hooking up a USB hard drive to the RPi and using moOde or Volumio as players.

But the Roon forum is perhaps not the best place to seek advice on those choices.

My iphone would be source

Then, as long as

  1. your iPhone and your RPi are on the same LAN and
  2. your RPi is running Shairport-Sync (e.g. Ropieee-XL, moOde, Volumio, …)

then you can stream from your iPhone to the RPi, using AirPlay.

This is just a special case of a discussion we have had already.


I appreciate your help!