HifiBerry / DAC / Tube Amp Advice

Hey All. Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions you may have. I have been running Roon for the past year with the following setup:

  • Endpoint: HifiBerry Digi+ Standard, Pi3, Ethernet
  • ATV3: Using for my wife so she can AirPlay Tidal without having to learn Roon. I also don’t want to share a Roon library with her. Sorry, not sorry.
  • DAC: Integrated into my Amp
  • Amp: Peachtree Decco (original V1)
  • Source: Mainly standard CD’s, although I’d like to venture into higher res stuff.

I will be replacing the Peachtree with a Fisher 500C Tube Amp, and am considering two scenarios:

  1. Replacing the Digi+ board on my HifiBerry with a Dac+ Pro board. In this case I will have to buy a separate cheapo DAC for the ATV to connect to the Fisher. DAC suggestions welcome.

  2. Connecting the Digi+ to a DAC (under $200), then to the Fisher. I was thinking of the Schiit Modi 2 Uber. In this scenario I can run the ATV to the Modi2 Uber which allows switching inputs.

Generally speaking, is there anything I’m not considering here? Potential issues? Other/better options?

Bonus: If you’re familiar with the Fisher 500C, would you happen to know what Input I could use, besides Aux, for the ATV If I decide to go with scenario 1?

Thanks much!


Schiit now has a multi bit Modi, referred to as a Mimby. $150 more, but worth it, from what I read.

Thanks for that Slim. It’s called the Modi 2 Multibit from what I can see. And…I just ordered one! Went over my budget by $50, but I think it will be worth it.

Still open to hearing from anyone that thinks there’s a better option than the Modi Multibit.

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