Hifiberry Digi+ Pro (Hifiberry Image 1.3)

Hello support,

I have just setup Roon and it all looks fantastic.
As endpoint I have a Raspberry Pi 2 v1.2 and a Hifiberry Digi+ Pro.

I can see it shows up in Roon and I can select it but I only have distortion as output.

I am wondering if I should see Digi + or Digi+ Pro becuase it shows up now as Digi+ and the Digi+ Pro uses a different driver.

It all works flawless with Squeezebox eco system.

Can you help me out?


I dont know whether they fixed their latest official release, but you are still better off with DietPi, unless you are really allergic to configuring by select menus over SSH?
The Hifiberry image is really bloated but works reasonably well, where DietPi is slim, efficient and good sounding.
Or, perhaps try RoPieee?


Yep, I also switched from using the HiFiBerry image to using DietPi. I wasn’t convinced that their image was without issues.

Thanks! I am updating the Hfiiberry image now with latest Linux and Roon software.
If it doesn’t work I’ll tr DietPi

Just to give you an update: I updated Linux and re-installed Roon bridge on the Pi.
Last but not least I changed the overlay setting to Digi+ Pro (instead of DIgi+ only!)
This worked!
I will re-install everything on DietPi - shouldn’t be an issue anymore.
Thanks for your great help!

Good work! Enjoy your toons!