HiFiBerry Digi + Pro issues

Hi. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I bought a HiFiBerry digi + pro HAT for my RPi 4 and it arrived today. I went into RopieeeXL settings and chose Digi + Pro as sound output. I was listening to some violin music by the baroque composer Biber by one of my favourite violin players. I know he can play these spectacular sonatas fast but what I heard was inhuman!! It is a CD quality album and my Chord Mojo should have been glowing red but it was glowing yellow for 88kHz. I tried a choral piece and everyone sounded like Pinky and Perky (remember them?). I tried rebooting and reconnecting everything but no change. I did a quick internet search and stumbled across someone with issues with one of these HATs and Raspbian playing everything too quickly. The last comment in the post was someone who had a Digi + Pro and similar problems. He changed some settings to select for Digi + with no Pro and this worked for him. So I went back into my Ropieee settings and chose Digi + but no Pro for the sound output, and hey presto no presto!! Everything is now playing at the correct speed and my chord Mojo is glowing the correct colours. Thought I should share this.

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Did you do a fresh ropieee install after you installed the hat?

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I have RoPieee XL on an RPi 3 with a Digi+ Pro. I output thru the Toslink.

No problem.

I have an identical HAT, but on an RPi3 driving a Mojo. It’s currently the only non Ropieee Pi endpoint in the house. Been meaning to update it but this might give me pause for thought.

I haven’t done a fresh install of Ropieee. It is working just now with the Digi (not the pro version) settings selected for the HAT output, but I might just give that a go. There might be other performance issues I haven’t picked up on yet as a consequence of selecting the wrong HAT version.

afaik the only difference (from software/driver perspective) is separate clocks for 44.1 and 48k.
if everything works as expected (different sample rates etc.) I would leave as it is.