HifiBerry Digi+ Pro problem

Hi – There was a major update of ropieee software over a month ago. Ever since that time, I have not been able to get any sound out of my Hifi Digi+ Pro. The USB output from Raspberry Pi works fine, but I get no sound from either of the two s/pdif connections through Digi+ Pro. Roon can see a connection spdif connection from the Digi+ and in some ways the music appears to be playing in Roon, but there is no sound output. In Roon, there are pulsating soundbars when clicking the ropieee icon and the song does change to the next, but the red bar stays stationary, even though the song is evidently advancing.

I have sent feedback with the following tag: b5b48982449bb641

Thank you very much



I’ve got the hifiberry digi+ pro with ropiee and it’s all good even with all the latest software updates.

Hallo, auch bei mir funktioniert der Digi+ pro nach dem letzten Update.

Thank you for the responses. After re-installing Ropieee, I am having the same problem. I put the HifiBerry on a second Raspberry pi (that does not have Ropieee installed and which I am using to transit sound from my desktop to the stereo). However, I couldn’t get it working there as well. Perhaps it is defective. I recall not being able to get it working on this second Raspberry when I initially bought it, so I put it with the Ropieee where it had worked until recently.