HIFIBerry DIGI+ PRO vs ALLO DigiOne? Anything else to consider?


I’m looking for a HIFI quality device with either digital coax or optical SPDIF.

ALLO DigiOne has been recommend and from the various searches I see HIFIBerry DIGI+ PRO seems to be a good option too.

Is either one particularly better than the other?

I’ve read a bit about people adding a dedicated power supply for the DIGI+ PRO board, separate from the Pi. Can the DigiOne do this too, and if not maybe that’s a deciding factor?

Lastly, anything else that would match or give better audio quality that these two devices?

Thanks in advance!

I see the DigiOne has ditched the optical saying “by definition it has a jitter of 4ns”.

Do people think that would be notifiable? I can use optical but I have spare coax inputs so don’t really need it.

Have found this comparison between the two no other form if anyone is interested, 2 AB reviews both favouring the DigiOne.

I’d still be interested to hear peoples opinion on here tho?

Yeh check out the DigiOne thread on this forum. Quite a few (including myself) prefer the DigiOne over the HiFiBerry.

Powering the Digi+ Pro board directly needs soldering.

But the power supply design of the DigiOne makes it unnecessary I think - low noise linear regulators are used extensively.

There is also the Pi2Design 502DAC with it’s balanced AES/EBU output (with included adapter), if your DAC has this input. I know you mentioned only Toslink and Digital Coax but for someone else reading this I thought I’d mention another Pi audio HAT.


I have both the Hifiberry Digi+ Pro and the Allo DigiOne and prefer the DigiOne. You could also consider the Allo USBridge if your DAC takes USB input.

I have used Hifiberry Digi pro+ for some time but since Allo released Digione both me and a friend of mine use Allo Digione and we have both find Digione better SQ-wise.


the IQaudIO Pi-Digi+ doesn’t seem to get mentioned much. Is it the same as the Hifiberry Digi? The pictures of the boards look very different.

I got the upgrade bug, reading about the Allo DigiOne.
Strangely it really does make a difference. I had the Hifiberry Digi+ Pro up to now, was in slight disbelief if changing the SPDIF transport could really make a difference - and yes it does.
So anyone shopping for a SPDIF Output card, spend the extra cash, it is worth it.I am not gonna try to describe the difference, but it really is there and I prefer the Allo a lot.

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PecanPi DAC

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Ouch! I feel like @Orchard_Audio - Leo - just nudged me for sleeping in class while the prof just called on me. :wink:

I’ve tried a number of Roon endpoints - the Sonore microRendu and the Allo UBridge being two of them. Of course you still have to bring your own DAC to the party with them. The Orchard Audio PecanPi Streamer includes an exceptional DAC sitting on top of a Raspberry Pi that together make for an awesome Roon endpoint. Ethernet in (wired or via the wifi dongle provided) and output via a pair of SPDIF or XLR connectors. The resulting sound quality punches way about it’s price tag. Check out Orchard Audio link above for a number of reviews that expand on just how good the PecanPi is.

I’ve got two of them, both running Ropieee that serve as Roon endpoints and very pleased with them.


Thank you for the feedback.

The OP asks about a transport and you comment on a dac after being prodded by someone form said company? Bad form I think.
Does anyone ever read the original posts in any forum on the internet?

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I had the regular HiFi Berry and now the Allo Sig with a linear power supply on the RPI and Allo’s battery pack on the Sig board. I think batteries and the isolation board on the Allo make all the difference. Its kind of crude to charge your batteries once a week or so, but the sound is shockingly good for the price.
My dac has been around for a while…I’ve kept it because I have never paid more for one component…everytime I have improved the source going into it, the sound has improved. This is the best its ever sounded.