HiFiBerry Issues with Roon

Thank you very much, it is working now, but I agree with your advise.

I run into a next problem now : my setup is for TWO zones for playback… this has now worked perfectly well since I started the trial… suddenly today one zone disappeared… I have now tried everything, stopping and restarting incoming internet modem, router, powerlines etc… strange thing is that when I use the bubble app with my qobuz subscription, I can play the music in that disappeared zone without any problem… what can I do now? has this something to do with my Roon trial getting to the end?

thank you
best and good end of year!

Hi @Jean_Peirs,

Happy New Year!

Can you provide more details? What is the Zone, and how does the rest of your setup look like?

Let me know, and then after that it’s best we split the issue into a new thread.

Hello Noris,

We found the culprit, using Boss Plzayer from allo.com in one zone, and HIFIBerry basic box in second zone, the latter generates issues over the powerlines… I am ordering new Boss player to replace older HIFIBerry right now and we’ll see if all ok.

Thank you
Jean Paul Peirs

Both renderers are linked by ethernet cables, one to router the other to powerline slave.

Roon Core on NUC + add ons all new and exactly as described on your website, ordered from amazon.co.uk BEFORE brexit.

Internet network is Devolo magic 2 powerlines, master and one slave without wifi, three other slaves with wifi throughout the house.

Hi @Jean_Peirs,

Thanks for letting us know you were able to narrow down the issue to the HiFi Berry DAC.
Please let us know if you’re still having issues after replacing this device!