HiFiBerry Observations

Trivial observations:

Current HiFiBerry Roon image version is 1.0.6 and is now auto-updates. Roon is still reporting the version as 1.0.4.

Roon reports the endpoint as a HiFiBerry DAC+ when in fact the device in use is a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro.

Not sure if these are a Roon (RAAT) or HiFiBerry (Roon SDK) issue?

Should HiFiBerry have it’s own sub forum à la IQaudio?

These are HiFiBerry issues - the Roon Ready software is produced by them, and not by Roon Labs. The version mis-reporting has been raised in the HiFiBerry forum thread devoted to Roon - without any response from HiFiBerry so far, I might add.

A sub-forum here devoted to HiFiBerry products would be useful, but would definitely benefit from proactive participation from the HiFiBerry people, I think.

Thank you for the reply Geoff and the link to the discussion over on the HiFiBerry forum. The HiFiBerry team appears to be taking an interesting approach to what could be a largely untapped market for their excellent products of which I own several.

It would be nice to see them fully commit to Roon, participate in the community here and work to resolving issues rather than pointing the finger back at Roon as noted in the HiFiBerry forum thread Roon-1.0.6 not showing up in Roon.

1.0.6 not showing? :confused:

does show here :relaxed:

Thank you. I was specifically talking about the incorrect version and device being reported under the ‘Settings’ tab. I am using 1.0.6 and a DAC+ Pro however:

oh, ok: sorry

though… one has to really dig into Roon settings to find that: never got there before your post :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes: here too is 1.0.4 (even though should be 1.0.6) and Digi+ instead of Digi+ Pro
but everything works fine nonetheless

From my understanding this will be corrected. But, right now the Digi+ Pro is still a beta-test product i think?