Hifiberry OS or Ropiee, I'm confused?

Hi, I’ve had a good search but thought it best to ask.
Tomorrow I’m receiving from Amazon a raspberry pi4, hifiberry digi+Pro, case and power.
What I’m confused about is which OS I put onto the sd card, do I put hifiberry OS as I have bought a hifiberry or is it my choice and I can instead choose Ropiee.
I’m not interested in any further features just a basic set up into my amps dac via coaxial.
Please help my confusion, thanks

I can’t speak for Hifiberry but I setup Ropiee on my pi4 and it was really easy to get going. As long as your hat that has the coax out is supported I would go with Ropiee just because it is a breeze to setup and use.

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It does not matter, it’s so easy to try both, any of the two will work. I did that and prefer hifiberry OS, but that is because I use Airplay and the radio remote. I also find hb os has a nicer interface.

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Thanks, I’ll try ropiee first see how I get on, cheers

If you try Ropieee go for XL version as you get added Spotify, Airplay and UPnP support, normal Ropieee is Roon only. Highly recommend either.


The beauty of the Pi is that you can switch the SD card when you want, so you could try infinite OS without any loss of time.

I only tried RopieeeXL and it goes well. I never tried Airplay, even if I own only Apple mobiles, yet.

Weird, I just could not get Ropiee to be recognised in roon, it was driving me mad so I gave hifiberry a try and it worked perfectly first time, very pleased.

Tbh I don’t see why one should use anything other than hb os with hifiberry HATs. I have two such endpoints working flawlessly for three weeks already.

Ropieee offers a display interface. That might be a nice option to directly control the endpoint. I’Ve integrated such an display/endpoint in my bedroom.