Hifiberry/Ropieee--no sound at all

I just installed a new router. The hifiberry/ropieee is showing as a Roon endpoint, and the IP address is showing within thee right range. But I’m not getting any sound from it at all. Nothing has changed with my amp or its settings. I tried rebooting the Rpi and plugging/replugging the coax; no luck. If I play a Roon song, the time scrub stops after a second or 2. Roon plays fine the the other endpoints.

Thoughts?? Many thanks!

Which hifiberry?

Digi pro HW 1.2
using Eero, with hifiberry hard wired to satellite.
When I hit play, the song shows up on my tv display, but no sound and scrubber stops after 2 seconds.

Hmmm. Rebooted as digi + pro. Now works!!! No idea what changed but I’ll take it!

BUT: this is weird. Some records will just not play over hifiberry. They play every where else. Neil Young is a good example.

Any ideas??? this is really puzzling!!!

I need one of those if it will stop Neil Young from playing. :rofl:


Ok, hmmm: it looks like 192/24 files won’t play. lower resolutions will. hardware problem with Digipro? Or software issue?

Or network issue?

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Are you sure your DAC supports 192k?

Always did

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The dac is in my receiver in any event

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Well I rebooted the rock. Now all is well. But: Roon app crashes a lot on iPhone. Music still plays.

Music keeps playing if a Roon control device crashes as long as the Roon core doesn’t crash. If you haven’t already, delete the iPhone app and reinstall it.

Yes, done. Hope that helps…