HiFiBerryOS Setup Wired Ethernet caution to disable WiFi during setup

I just took a look at the WiFi networks that could be heard near home. I have several HiFiBerryOS Roon Bridges with wired Ethernet IP service. Today, I noticed an open local area network named HiFiBerry_Setup… and discovered that it would happily connect my iPhone. Heaven knows how careful Bang and Olufson was. I’d guess an open WiFi on one of these critters would have been a sufficient bridgehead for further network exploitation.

As part of the installation, visit the networks pages, uncheck WiFi meatball to turn off WiFi, and reboot the device. Remember to enable WiFi before moving the device off of the wired Ethernet.

As far as I remember, Wi-Fi on the HiFiBerry OS device turns on automatically as soon as you unplug the Ethernet cable and it loses connection. So you have to check it periodically and turn Wi-Fi off.

Thanks. Guess I better put a password on it. The default net is open.