HifiBerry's Roon Image and DAC+ PRO and DSD64

Hi guys

Using HifiBerry’s Roon Image, does the DAC+ PRO support DSD64?

So with Roon 1.3, has anyone got up-sampling to DSD64 working?

Cheers !

This is working for me but with dietpi rather than hifiberry image. Can’t see why one would work and not the other.


Thanks heaps. Might order this rather than Digi+ PRO. Having been using Digi+ Transformer version for a few months now.

I think you may be misunderstanding, I’m using digi+ pro, just not using the image supplied by hifiberry.


The DAC+ Pro is a PCM DAC only and as such will not do DSD. The Digi+ Pro will pas it through, up to DSD64.

Sorry my thread was about the DAC+ Pro

Apologies for the misunderstanding :frowning:

Thanks Rene. Not even DSD64 as DSD over PCM?

EDIT: I understand now. The Dac itself won’t decode DSD natively.

I’m upgrading my Digi+ to the PRO and get a Dac+ PRO for the old man, to use with his Sansui AU4900 integrated. He’s already loving Roon with a Digi+ Transformer version but using only a cheap Dac with the Sansui. The Dac+ PRO will be a nice upgrade

My fault the hazards of reading on a phone without my glasses!


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All good John ! I don’t wear glasses but I probably should, considering the reading errors I make ! :smile:

Hi Rene, does the Digi+ pass through DSD64 over Toslink or only it’s Coax output?

Just to answer my own question here, in case it helps someone else in future.

With HiFiBerry’s official Roon image for the Digi+ Pro, there is no option for DSD over PCM in Roon Audio Devices settings.

But with Dietpi and RoonBridge - no problem with DoD over Toslink.