High CPU / RAM utilization

I have the latest build of Roon Core running on a new M1 Mac mini 8GB and am noticing what I think are high CPU and RAM utilization.

I’m not playing back music in any zone and as far as I can tell Roon isn’t actually doing anything and yet it’s sitting at 10 - 20% CPU and 1.8GB of RAM usage.

Is that normal, or is there a setting I can change somewhere to lower the RAM usage, or do I just need a Mac mini with 1GB of RAM?

If it is a new installation, then Root may scan your music storage. In this case it is normal.

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Hey @Danny_Scarbrough,

I’m so sorry we’re replying this late :pleading_face:. As you may know, we’re still working our way through the numerous threads that were created since the Roon 1.8 release.

Are you still experiencing a high CPU usage? What @DanielAvasilichioaei mentioned might be the cause :slight_smile:

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