High CPU Usage on Mac Mini 2018

As previously reported, I’ve had the same problem repeatedly on my MacBook Pro regardless of whether I’m streaming on wifi or playing music files stored on my internal disk with no Internet connection.

Is this related? Meanwhile, my problem still persists. A couple of incidents in the past few days. Are you finding the fix?

I am seeing the same on a 2020 i7 iMac, Roon generates close to 50% (or 400% with 8 cores…) cpuload.
The system is connected to ethernet via a 10GBe connection, it does not matter whether Wifi is on (connected or not) or off.

This makes the fans go crazy and basically eliminates the iMac as Roon endpoint.

Please fix it…

@support can you please let us know an update, this has been going for incredible long and still happening, just now:

I think @hgim82 may have linked to something important 15d ago. I quote from that below because my 2018 MacMini started doing the same thing AFTER I moved from the trial to a paid account. During the 14 day trial, I do not remember any high CPU usage, but I also had to log in every time my computer had gone to sleep. However, once my membership started, every time I opened ROON I was automatically signed in, I never even had to grant permission. I insert a quote below.

QUOTE: Accountsd is a daemon, part of the Accounts framework. Apple’s developer documentation says this framework helps users access and manage their external accounts from within apps, without requiring them to enter login credentials.

The Accounts framework provides access to user accounts stored in the Accounts database, which is managed by the system. An account stores the login credentials of a particular service, such as Twitter, and you use those credentials to authenticate with the service. When you integrate the Accounts framework into your app, you don’t need to store account logins yourself. Instead, the user grants your app access to use their account login credentials, bypassing the need to type their username and password. If no account for a particular service exists in the user’s Accounts database, you can let them create and save an account from within your app."

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I’m seeing this but only after updating to 1.7 (details: High CPU use on client after 1.7 update)

RoonServer eating CPU here too while it’s idle (nothing playing!) iMac 2019 cabled ethernet & wifi always off.

Fix please! @support

This is ridiculous!

With just RoonServer running and no Roon client on iMac nor any other active clients or end-points it’s sucking in about 1GB per minute over the ethernet - what on earth is it doing??? (Note storage is local to iMac.)

interesting, never checked that one of the 100000 times it has happened to me after my mack wakes up.

I switched to Wifi from ethernet and that solved it for me. Hopefully that helps someone else out.

I would prefer to use ethernet but if it means listening to screaming fans and wondering what the melting temperature of my Macbook is wifi it is.

probably grabbing album covers and artist photos.

also, your CPU usage when not playing implies metadata updates or local files’ audio analysis is in progress.

is it me perceiving you are saying this is something normal?

when having a moment it does happens even if you power off or disconnect from the core machine. it is something bad with bridge raat and ui… at this point I would say we can really demand a FIX

yeah… that is the old mehhh fix… for some works for some others don’t … not something we should even consider acceptable.

if you restart, does it stay pegged?

This is like starting the thread again. If you restart Yes it does goes away until next time… likely next time will be after the computer goes to sleep 2 or 3 times.
This means we have to keep restarting our computers after sleep, prevent the computers from sleep or keep playing with the wifi on/off trick in case the trick wants to work that day.

Don’t see why it would be album art, metadata, file scanning - my library is pretty static and system unchanged for months. A restart fixes the CPU usage (0.3%). Something weird going on here. I’ll monitor and see at what point it returns…

Please put the iMac Pro 2017 on the list of unlistenable due to fan speed. Hopefully you will have an update soon as my Roon membership has just renewed…

Thanks Guys

I have notified Roon of this for a year now and still have this issue 2 operating systems and macs later… Very high CPU load on MAC

Same issue here

  • Mac mini 2018 i7 /16GB mem

Was Roon able to reproduce the issue? If not ask me questions and I can run tests and sent logs. I would be happy if this gets resolved.