High Ram use on Mac mini 2018?

Core Machine

Mac mini 2018, 3,2Ghz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 16GB Ram

Network Details

Telenet modem CH7465LG-TN (Alles over mijn Telenet Modem )with Ethernet

Audio Devices

Mac-mini 2018 (macOS Big Sur 11.4) with Roon Core (Version 1.8 build 795) (connected via Ethernet to Telenet Modem)
Sotm sms20 with Roonserver (with latest Version and Kernel) (connected to Telenet modem via Ethernet) → USB to Marantz HD-DAC1

Library Size

over 25000 tracks

Description of Issue


Is it normal that Roon uses 4,6gb of ram memory on my Mac mini, yesterday this was even 12gb? After a restart of Roon this had dropped to 1,5gb and i got the message during the restart that Roon had to rescan my database after an update of Roon, while it was already the latest version of Roon that i had. I have the impression that my Mac mini doesn’t run as smoothly anymore due to this high memory use, when I stop Roon my Mac mini runs smoothly again. After a restart of Roon, it starts with about 1.5 GB of memory usage, but then goes back to 4.6 GB.

Theoretically, this is not normal, in the sense that this should not happen. Basically, it’s normal, in the sense that this is how Roon works, it has nothing to do with your system: there are several open threads with this topic, and the symptoms are the same on different systems (different hardware and operating systems).

RoonServer is using 3.52GB on my Mac Pro.

Please make a Roon backup and then check the memory occupied by Roon again.

Roon backs up every 2 days automatically, and it makes no difference.