High resolution audio from Amazon

I’m committed to Roon (lifetime membership & Nucleus), Qobuz (Sublime+), and I also have a large collection of High-Res files on my SSD & HDD that I have bought over the last few years. I use a USB DAC from the Nucleus. And I’m very, very happy. I wouldn’t change a thing.

However if I hadn’t committed to the above, and I was effectively ‘starting again from scratch’, the prospect of an Echo Link, with a subscription to Amazon Music HD, connected via TOSLINK to a DAC, controlled from my iPad would like mighty attractive, on a cost basis at least.

It’s a completely different class of product from Roon, but I think the Amazon product will appeal to many on a cost-basis, especially if you use Roon in a single zone only.

I think Roon needs to ‘watch out’…


I’m mostly using roon as a single zone and would consider just using Amazon for the price. But their software need to work right first. Would also like iPhone remote access to desktop. Still not sure this would be ideal when roon and Qobuz get me most of the way there.

I’m either hoping for Amazon integration or that Qobuz ups their game by offering comparable catalog and/or lower prices.

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+1. Put me down for this too… if I can’t bypass the Windows mixer and the native Android Audio Renderer, I’m not sure there’s much value to lossless compared to high-bit-rate-lossy… WASAPI Exclusive, USB Audio Player Pro, and Roon controlling the streams to my CCA’s and OPPO are where the benefits of lossless really shine, for me at least…

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Let’s give it some time and see where this service is a few months from now. Amazon is accepting user feedback via the app. If enough people mention output selection and bit-perfect output as requirements to retaining a subscription, I am sure they will take notice.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!


I just got the 90 day free trial .Ill see how good it is.

If Amazon gets the content, then most of the others will be in trouble. They have far too many resources and cash to throw at any effort. They also have an infrastructure in AWS that will allow them to make this offering global very quickly.

But, at the end of the day it’s all about content and quality of the content for us.

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I’m already seeing Amazon steam Tool and David Bowie in 192k vs the 96k of Qobuz. Also seeing cd quality albums that were completely missing from Qobuz. Only tested for about 5 min. Can’t quite figure out how to pull up lyrics yet or use Soundliz to sync favorites.

Edit: not sure what sample rates it’s outputting. Everything I play, even HD is showing blue light on my Chord Hugo. That’s supposed to be 192. Think something’s wrong.

So if you hit the HD Ultra badge it tells what the rate is but color lights not changing so something is not right with mobile app on iPhone using camera output.

I too would like to see Amazon Hi Res integrated into Roon if possible. Nothing wrong with having more choices, especially one with a gigantic catalog of music.

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To a first approximation, I’d agree. But having seen how authors have been squeezed with Amazon’s domination of e-books, I’m not so happy about what might happen to musicians.

It’s already happened. Spotify, Apple and others have already made it very difficult for musicians to earn a decent living.

Like Jeff Bezos? ;^)

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I pay $20 / month for Qobuz. AmazonHD is also $20 / month and has nowhere NEAR the classical library that Qobuz does. Also no discounts for high resolution downloads, included for free from Qobuz - in fact, no high resolution downloads at all (all purchases still MP3).

Don’t see how this even competes with Qobuz. Tidal, maybe.


How is Amazon $20? It’s $12.95 for prime members, $14.99 for non-Prime members, and $20 for a family of 6.

I want a family membership. Whether it’s for two people or six people, it’s $20. As is Qobuz.

Looking at the logos for the launch partners, third party access to Amazon’s servers for this service had to be in alpha/beta testing for months. The omission of Roon is concerning but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough what’s going on. Currently, Roon is the hub for all HiRes audio listening in my house…even my wife and teenage daughter use it. We have streaming through Tidal and we still keep Apple Music around as well.

Honestly if Amazon Hd ends Tidal , the value of a Roon subscription , at least for me drops significantly . I listen mostly to Tidal , maybe 80 percent of the time , 20 percent to my 600 gb library .


I just tried Amazon Music HD on my iMac and couldn’t get it to automatically change the sample rate. And had similar issues with it on the iPhone.

I’ll stick with Qobuz unless Amazon gets integrated with roon. Maybe this could be the reason roon’s upgrade has taken so long. Couldn’t release until Amazon launched first. This of course is just wishful thinking.


Just curious, in what way you suggest Amazon HD is an inferior service compared to Tidal.
I have a list of “favorites” on Qobuz, I compared those albums and most of them has 96/24, same as what I found in Qobuz, some even has higher bitrate than Qobuz.

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Music might surprise us soon and go to lossless and even high-res as a response to Amazon. I hope the team at Roon is prepared.

It’s a known fact that  requests 24bit high-res tracks from the studios as part of their program, but are just not streaming them currently. All they have to do is flip a switch (basically).