High resolution audio from Amazon

If you believe what you’ve said above stop streaming and go buy the albums.

I do buy the albums.
For example, I love the music of Hiromi Uehara, and she’s just brought out a new album, Spectrum.

I can stream it in 24/88.2 from Qobuz with my Sublime+ subscription, but I have also bought the download from HDTracks, and also the SACD.

As I say, I think we should do all we can to support the artists we love :heart_eyes:

Artists were very lucky to make anywhere close to even $2.00 per album in the heyday of the CD, and that would have been a great deal. The money was more likely paying for a portly middle manager to have a cocaine lunch.

Go see the band & buy a t-shirt


A review from Computer Audiophile/Audiophile Style: https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/bits-and-bytes/amazon-music-hd-with-ios-macos-windows-10-bluos-and-a-sonos-port-r848/

Given that these are early days for Amazon Music HD, I expect things will improve. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t.Communication with Amazon has been nearly impossible and the company has shown zero interest in the consumers of its HD tier. There isn’t a platform I know of that works perfect with Amazon Music HD, although BluOS likely has the best shot at getting things right. I need to get a Bluesound Node 2i for further Bluesound testing. For now, all other platforms are severely limited in either capability or usability with Amazon Music HD.

It’s $15 per month.

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Pretty much covers everything I have been saying for the last month. For a hifi enthusiast it’s currently a crock…

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My local corner shop sells wine for £3 a bottle, but it tastes like p***
I’d much rather pay a little bit more, and get a nice bottle of Shiraz :crazy_face:


I came across this on Facebook


I still buy mostly used cds subscription services like Tidal help me find new artists i really like.

So i’m still buying but mostly used , occasionally new.

Amazing. Especially the sources listed to back it up.

I think it’s much more complex than this. Yes, the artist would get around £1 from every £8 CD sale, but that would be a pretty limited group of artists. A decade ago the average person had 164 CDs; more recently I read that this was down to 30 per household! [can’t find the source ATM]

Streaming now outstrips all other sales–physical and digital–but more importantly is giving artists–especially independent and up-and-coming artists–an audience they otherwise wouldn’t have had. The reality is that there isn’t much money to be earned from streaming, but it can lead to fans downloading albums, buying merchandise or going to concerts.


Spotify pays about $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream to the holder of music rights. And the “holder” can be split among the record label, producers, artists, and songwriters.

It’s just a discussion point. But when Morganway came to play for us, they want to sell CD’s for £12.00 as the record company charge them £10.00 for each CD. So they are not even making money from merch at all unless they sell a self release.
Of course J wouldn’t allow the price hike so they sold for £10 and J donated them the £2.00 for every sale. This created more sales. It’s tough out there for artists and if you want new music to be viable, you have to support it in any small way you can.


I think it is a good thing that Amazon did not go with MQA. I had read on another forum that they were initially interested because it would turn a blue light on their Echo/Alexa devices…and they would then not have to explain the whole thing to the average mass consumer…“blue light = ultra high res” kind of thing…but evidently those talks fell apart and they launched without it. I’m glad. I want MQA to go into the format dumpster, and I 'm a user. I have 5 MQA compliant DACs…but I don’t like the idea of MQA and would rather just stream hi-rez with no compression/unfold/render origami nonsense. I think MQA is a solution to a non-existent problem with internet speeds getting faster and faster on both cellular and land-based services. My neighborhood just received fiber and 1 GPBS internet speeds (AT&T) and all my Roon streamers are CAT5 or 6 hard-wired.


MQA is beneficial to many who have slower internet connection. Not only that, it sounds better.

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On a Bose…


Also on a Dragonfly Cobalt connected to iPhone, iPad, or computer or to my Oppo 203 connected to Sennheiser headphones… Look, some don’t like MQA and some do. I do. Get over it.

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The joy of living in a wine producing country :smiling_imp:

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CD is 16/44.1.

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But when you pay for HD, the Ultra HD is also included which is true hires up to 192/24.

I’m still on the trial waiting for the iPhone app to work properly. Most likely will drop after trial. Roon and Qobuz and working great and Qobuz is adding more and more music.

Amazon would have to come up with a nice remote app for me to switch.