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I’m using Ropieee as Roon endpoint, on my streamer (RPi3 + Hifiberry Pro as reclocker + Audio Gd I2s output module) connected to my Ps Audio Directstream dac via I2s. Roon is running on a Mac Mini i5 2014.
It works well, but there’s a file resolution limit at 24/192 and DSD64.
Using Dietpi on the same setup, limit is higher: 24/352 and DSD128.

Any hint to set the limit higher?
Thanks in advance.


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Can you be a little bit more specific on your setup? I asume you run the latest version right?

So what’s the Hifiberry Pro? Are you talking about a Hifiberry Digi+ Pro? Or the DAC?
Both only support up to 192K.

Hifiberry Dac+ Pro as reclocker

Audio Gd I2s to hdmi output module (it converts the “pure” I2s signal to LVDS balanced I2s, as my Directsream dac requires)

Running Dietpi on the streamer, Roon shows 24/352 and DSD128 as maximum allowed.
Running Ropieee, it’s 24/192 and DSD64 instead.

I have another streamer, with Rpi3 and Allo Kali reclocker.
I cannot use Dietpi, because the Hifiberry Dac+ is required to run as Roon endpoint, but using Ropieee the frequencies limit is the same (24/192 and DSD64)

Hmmm. First link is dead.

I know the Audio GD, but that’s not important for now because that’s down the audio chain.

So you’re running latest RoPieee and selected the Dac+ Pro as your HAT?

And I’m still puzzled. Hifiberry’s documentation clearly states that it is capable of up to 192K.

I’m playing a DXD album (Carmen Gomes Sings the Blues) on my streamer with Moode, right now.
Probably, the Hifiberry’s documentation states up to 24/192 as dac.
I’m using it as reclocker only.

Using DietPi on the same streamer, this is what Roon shows in the settings

This link about Hifiberry’s I2s output should work

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I’ve got a Hifiberry DAC+ Pro on an RPi running DietPi; it also reports being capable of 352.8kHz for some strange reason.

And I say ‘strange’ because, according to the specifications for the PCM5122 DAC (http://www.ti.com/product/pcm5122?qgpn=pcm5122), it supports “up to 384kHz”, but it does not have support for 352.8kHz (take a look at Table 8 on page 21 of the PDF).

I only noticed this behaviour when I tried playing a DSD64 album one day: Roon converted the album to a 352.8kHz PCM stream which resulted in the music being played back with slightly the wrong pitch. Setting the ‘Max Sample Rate’ to 192kHz fixed this, with the same album now converted to 176.4kHz PCM and played back with the correct pitch.

Bottom line: Something, possibly the Linux kernel, or the driver for this card (or both) is misrepresenting the card’s supported playback capabilities.

Ok… I’ve found a recent change in the Pi kernel provided by Hifiberry that adds 384K support. I’m creating a patched kernel for RoPieee as we speak.

Let’s see if this solves this mystery … :wink:

Would be great !!!
I’d like to use Ropieee instead Dietpi, because it works on my streamer based on Kali reclocker.
I can’t wait…

Hi @Carlo_Bettoni,

I’ve pushed an updated kernel to RoPieee’s beta channel. you could try that.
If you go to the ‘advanced’ page you select the beta channel.

Regards Harry

Hi Harry, I did it.
I’m running Version 61, is it the right one?
Nothing has changed on Roon settings.

Hi @Carlo_Bettoni,

This requires a new kernel. You can see if you’re running that on the information page. That should say 4.9.60.

Do you have updates on automatic or manual?

Advanced tab:

Update channel: Beta
Update Interval: Daily

Information Tab

Yes, you’re running the new kernel (4.9.60).
But no difference wrt sample rate settings in Roon?

No… it’s still the same

Hmmm. Then I need to search further what the difference is…

Ok… I think I’ve got it.

Requires another kernel build, so bare with me. Will get back to you when I’ve got something to test!

thanks Harry

Hi @Carlo_Bettoni,

I’ve just pushed another update to the beta channel.
This one has kernel version 4.9.60-2.

Fingers crossed.


It doesn’t work

Hi Carlo,

Are you sure? Did you reboot? That’s required for running this new kernel…