High Sierra on Roon Remote

Can I update my MBP running Roon Remote from Yosemite to High Sierra, safely?
This MBP is controlling a Mac mini (OS is Sierra) running Roon Core. Mac mini itself is direktely connected to a microRendu via bridge mode. (the microRendu leads to my dac).

Other participants of this community have decribed in general, that they have updated to High Sierra on their macs running Roon without compatibility issues.

Any recommendations or experience regarding my setup with two macs, two different Roon functionalities and two different OS versions, Sierra - High Sierra?

What shall I do?

By all means, upgrade if you’d like to. Roon is platform agnostic – same goes for release versions.

Rene, in your opinion, I can either only update my MBP (remote) to High Sierra and leave my macminj (core) at Sierra or update both devices to High Sierra?

If I would update macmini to High Sierra, I have no idea what might happen to the bridged LAN connections.

Only updating the remote should be absolutely fine – there’s no need for OS version parity between Core and Remote (or between any part of Roon).

Agreed. There is no need to keep core+remote on the same OSX version.

Sometimes, Mac OS X updates break something with Roon–almost always with respect to audio playback, but we have not heard of or seen anything like this with High Sierra. I think if there were major issues, they would be apparent by now.

Hi Rene, Brian,
thanks to your support I was convincced to try the update tp High Sierra. I have updates my MBP and left my macmini unchanged, it’s still running Sierra.
Everything worked flawlessly and left no space for reluctance against the update.