Highlight song of artist on compilations

When I’m on an artist page and I go to the section ‘with various artists’ I always have to search where the artist is on the compilations. Can ROON make a feature that highlights the artist on who’s page you where, or only shows the song from that artist on that compilation?

Moved to feature requests.

Additionally, I also have compilations without some of the originally listed tracks in my library. This is something Roon doesn’t notice yet and this leads to misinformation.
Under artist view Roon shows a compilation if the artist is on the original tracklist, but it ignores the fact a specific track is actually missing in your library. I would like this to be a little smarter. Only show a compilation under artist view if you actually have a song by that artist in your library.

Roon does this now, exactly as I would like it. Thanks ROON team!!!