HighRes downsampling on my Nucleus - Accuphase. Why?

iPad pro
High Res gets down from 192/24 to 64/24
google mash. good speed
Accuphase E460 with Dac 40 USB

Description Of Issue


The Nucleus runs a version of Linux and it looks like the dac40 is operating system dependant having to load drivers for windows. This old link is the only Linux link I could see.

Hi @augery58,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Signal Path and Device Setup tab for that zone?

That signal path is perfect as far as I can see.
192/24 is being converted to 192/64 bit to do the volume corrections then back to 192/24 to the DAC.

I am confused… its 64 float 24…

so, convertet dont means downsampling?

As I understand it, if volume operations are done on the native 24 bit file then this can introduce artifacts so it is first upsampled to 64 bit. After the volume calculations are done it is then converted back to a 24 bit file as that is the maximum bit depth your DAC can accept.
If you switched off the volume levelling and the DSP the bit conversions would no longer be necessary so the path would be 24 bit all the way through.

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allright. i was focused on the khz… so everything is fine. well the sound was always perfect. thanks mr. hickman 1
rgds from switzerland

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Hi @augery58,

I can confirm that this looks as expected. The signal is being converted to a 64-bit float for the DSP operations you requested and then back to it’s original 24-bit sample rate.

This is typical when performing DSP operations, as shown in our Signal Path documentation, so no need to worry, looks like it’s performing as expected.

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