Highway Tune - Greta Van Fleet, Wrong Lyrics

Just imported Highway Tune by Greta Van Fleet’s From The Fires Album (purchased from Qobuz), and the lyrics are for a different track (Edge Of Darkness). It’s the only track I have so far from the album, but the others may need checking out as well

I checked and other songs on that album have wrong lyrics as well. In addition to Highway Tune that you already mentioned, these songs also have issues:

  • Meet on the Ledge (shows lyrics from A Change Is Gonna Come)

  • Black Smoke Rising (shows lyrics from Meet on the Ledge)

I assume this is a data issue from the lyric provider (LyricFind?) and not an internal Roon issue, but it would be great if the Roon team could help get it fixed in either case.

This issue still persist

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the inconvenience here. We are looking into this and will be sure to update the thread when we have more info.